Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation :: Honoring our fallen and their families
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    “Honoring our fallen and their families with the highest order of tradition and ceremony”
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    “Providing support to law enforcement agencies and the families of fallen officers for the planining and execution of memorial services”
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    “Serving as a centralized point of contact for law enforcement Honor Guard units across Oregon”
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Officer's Trek Across India to Raise Money for OFBF

This coming January, five brave souls — including Officer David Davidson — will be participating in an ill-advised race from Kochi, in the south of India, to Jaisalmer in the northwest part of the country; approximately 2,575.7 km, or 1,600 miles.  They will have two weeks to complete their journey and will be documenting it on social media as it happens.

After the first $500, which will go to the Cool Earth charity, all of the money that Officer Davidson raises will go to the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation.

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Honor and Tradition

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation (OFBF) was founded in the spring of 2011 by several law enforcement honor guard members and police survivors from within the state of Oregon to provide support for the planning and execution of law enforcement memorial services throughout the state in order to ensure fallen officers are given full honors for their sacrifice.  The law enforcement honor guard community seeks to maintain the highest order of honor, tradition, and ceremony within the greater law enforcement community, and law enforcement memorial services provide the highest level of tribute and honor to its fallen members.

Funded entirely by private and public donations, the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation is a 501(c)(3)charitable organization. As such, all donations made to the foundation are tax deductible.